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You should be in the zoo

Posted on 20 August 2012 by Karyn

You should be in the zoo

Karma often pays you back in strange and round-about ways. Sometimes it’s more direct!

As a thank-you for Acre Foundation’s partnership and support of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and their EDGE of Existence programme, we were invited to experience an evening at Zoo Lates in July. After the daytime crowd goes home on a summer’s Friday afternoon, London Zoo reopens for an evening of events and exhibits aimed at the after-work crowd. Each Friday in July and August sees the Zoo opened in a carnival-like atmosphere, complete with bars, food stalls from around the world, and even a disco – albeit a silent disco. It is still a zoo!

With a glass of Pimm’s in hand, we explored the various animal exhibitions. Highlights included feeding time in the giraffe house, frisky gorillas waking up from afternoon snoozes to stretch and run, and the sloths – who neither stretched or ran! ZSL runs conservation programmes in over 50 countries worldwide – and it was fantastic to see some of the amazing wildlife they work to protect up-close and personal.

The sloths were...sloth-like.

The real pinnacle of the evening was seeing hundreds of grown adults crowded into Penguin Beach to giggle and cheer for the many varieties of penguins as they waddled, swam and dived around the pool. London Zoo is proud to promote the biggest penguin enclosure in England, complete with a glass front for fantastic views.

10pm came around really quickly, and we had to rush to see everything we wanted to. I would highly suggest a Friday evening adventure at the London Zoo, just don’t spend too much time in the disco or you will miss some of the wonderful animals ZSL works so hard to protect.