The Acre Foundation

Welcome to the Acre Foundation

Posted on 09 November 2011 by Andy Cartland

Welcome to the Acre Foundation

Welcome to the newly launched Acre Foundation. The Foundation was conceived as a way to bring together Acre’s charitable work under one roof, and as a method of communicating how we aim to have a positive influence on our staff, customers, local communities and the world at large.

Since our inception in 2003, Acre has made a donation for each successfully completed project to a charity of our client’s choice through our Ecoscheme. Currently we support the Octavia Foundation (more below on them), ZSL’s EDGE of Existence programme, which aims to conserve “one of a kind” species on the brink of extinction, and Cool Earth, a unique charity which conserves rain forests by working with local communities.

We also support other causes, such as Kiva, which allows our staff to loan money to entrepreneurs across the globe, with the objective of alleviating poverty. All new starters in our business are assigned an allowance to loan within the platform. This is a new initiative for us and we’re extremely excited about being involved.

We’re particularly proud of our partnership with the Octavia Foundation, a London based community group aiming to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged communities and individuals. Beyond making donations we utilize our skills in the most appropriate way; by helping to coach individuals back into work and thus helping them achieve long term control over their circumstances. We see it as integral to our mission that our consultants participate in this scheme.

Fundraising at Acre is a team effort – our Finance Manager Norman Lott has already raised over £1,000 for Movember and our committed team have run a number of other initiatives this year. We match all staff and team fund raising to a level of £100 and you can see a list of our past and present fundraising on this site.

So far we’ve raised £15,099 in total, and in the coming few months we aim to add to this. We hope that this new website will help us engage with our charity partners more closely and will allow us to accelerate the charitable schemes that we’re involved with. Please do contact me with any thoughts or feedback.