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The Great Acre Clothes Swap!

Posted on 12 July 2014 by Beth

The Great Acre Clothes Swap!

Acre’s charitable arm, The Acre Foundation, supports a number of good causes, one of which is Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. We all know this hospital, and we’re all aware of the amazing work it does to help children, however, not all of us are brave enough (if that’s the right word!) to embark on a challenge that’s been likened to Everest base camp and said to be harder than a marathon…. the 24 Peak Challenge.

But come September, ten Acre team members will be heading to the Lake District to undertake the relentless hike over 20 hours, their aim not only to complete the challenge, but also to raise a staggering £8,000 for the hospital.

In the spirit of Acre, our business and what we believe in, we held an evening fundraiser inviting colleagues and friends to join us in clothes swapping! Guests were invited to take a look through their wardrobe and bring along clothes, shoes and accessories they no longer wanted or needed, that could otherwise end up neglected or (gasp) sent to landfill, plus the all important donation towards Great Ormond Street.

The evening was a fantastic success; Acre’s office space was unrecognizable in its transformation to designer boutique, we browsed through (thanks to each very generous – and stylish – guest) some beautiful clothes, and everyone left with a recycled new wardrobe.

Thanks so much to all that took part, in just a couple of hours of fashion fun we managed to raise £150.