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Olympic effort in the sweepstakes

Posted on 16 August 2012 by Sara

Olympic effort in the sweepstakes

For 16 days London was ablaze with flags, fireworks and festivities from all around the world. Every country, big or small, must be proud of their finest athletes for the hard work and dedication they put in to their training and participation in the events.

Tower Bridge during the Olympics

Throughout the two weeks of the games, we all followed the highs and lows of the athletes – with some of us lucky enough to watch them live – others spending their weekends picnicking in Hyde Park. I managed to go and watch badminton and the all-singing, all-dancing, beach volleyball (my new favourite sport). The atmosphere at all the events was incredible!

So now the games have been played the question on everyone’s mind is where your country came in the medal table? And more importantly – which employee was lucky enough to pull out the winning teams in the Acre Olympics sweepstake?

Well done to our medal winners:

  • Graeme – storming through to win gold with his teams: Great Britain, Singapore, Kenya and Denmark
  • Olivia – closely followed by our silver medallist with: Australia, Mexico, Belarus and Italy
  • Karyn – a respectable bronze medal to the teams of: Spain, Chile, South Korea and Norway

Together we raised a gold-medal winning £196 from our Olympics sweepstakes – with all of the money going to Graeme’s worthy choice of charity, Cool Earth.

We hope you enjoyed the games as much as we did!