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Meet the members of Team GOSH

Posted on 16 July 2014 by Raquel

Meet the members of Team GOSH

Team GOSH comprises of a really mixed bag of Acre individuals; some have walked mountains previously, many haven’t. Some are very sporty, others prefer the couch. Some think it will be a walk in the park, for many the reality is now setting in! Meet the members of the Acre team who have accepted the gruelling 24 Peak Challenge in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Bairbre Doyle Bairbre Doyle, Product Manager – Acre Bench

Having always been relatively sporty, in the form of equestrian endeavours in my early years, followed by a variety of activities from tennis, to bikram yoga, pilates, and cycling all the way down to running and scuba diving. The bikram yoga proved too onerous, and due to limited opportunities for diving in Dalston, I settled with running. Faced with my first marathon this October, the GOSH challenge seemed an ideal incentive to help achieve my hefty fitness goals whilst contributing to this incredible cause. I am excited about the challenge ahead, but fear I need to swap my runners for hiking boots and get some mountains in before the big day.

Christian Albrecht Christian Albrecht, Researcher

I’m always excited by the prospect of an adventure – especially one that challenges me physically and motivates me to keep active. I think the 24 peaks will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but the idea of being able to help GOSH is an amazing incentive. I look forward to stunning views from the top of Scafell and a well-deserved pint once we cross the finish line.

Jess Crisp Jess Crisp, Consultant

Within the first 2 weeks of starting at Acre, the 24 peaks challenge was announced and I realised just how ambitious and motivated the crew was. Wanting to seem willing and get to know the team, I felt this would be the perfect opportunity. I also support Great Ormond Street Hospital and wanted to contribute to the fundraising programme to further support the work they do. I regard myself as reasonably fit but there’s a lot to do between now and our first ascent so I’m committing to an intensive training programme to ensure I make it over that final peak. I’m looking forward to the challenge, but would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little apprehensive.

Lydia Langford Lydia Langford, Manager

I have always played outdoor sports and have competed in various disciplines (from horse riding, hockey, netball, and more recently a marathon and triathlon) – I love the great outdoors and will find any excuse to get out of London to appreciate the wonderful countryside we have on our doorstep. Hiking 24 Peaks however, is a different challenge altogether – it will test the team in terms of physical and mental strength, endurance, stamina, persistence and determination to succeed, with the reward of supporting a fantastic and worthy cause. I’m sure once this is all over, my fellow teammates will be delighted to have my insistent fitness and training nagging subside!!

Michael Kelsall Michael Kelsall, Head of Research

In my older years I have decided (perhaps too quickly) to take on what is clearly a monumental challenge in the Lake District. It is gruelling enough having to be on my feet at a constant rapid pace for 12 hours followed by another 10 the next day; the mental aspect is perhaps even greater than the physical demand. I’m slightly anxious but I feel it’s now or perhaps never, the opportunity to take on such an exciting journey with my colleagues was just too good to pass up. My training (a combination of biking between 75 and 115 miles per week as well as hiking on the weekends in local parks) will hopefully get me over the physical hump…the rest will just be mind over blisters… Thank You to whoever created Compeed! Wish us luck!

Richard Wright Richard Wright, Chief Executive

So I’m the old boy of the group and also the least fit… I do however, have an absolute passion for mountains, so my stubbornness to get to the top will hopefully make up for any shortfall in fitness. I can’t promise though to keep up a fast pace, so some of my fellow c30 year old climbers, for whom a triathlon is a regular weekend activity, might get a little frustrated. Having said that I’m training hard, so who knows? I’ve been climbing mountains since I was a teenager – including all the big ones in Snowdonia, the Lake District and Scotland. I’ve also conquered Mount Toubkal a couple of times (at 4200m it’s the highest of the Atlas mountains in Morocco). The combination of being in the mountains and raising money for such a great cause is very compelling. Bring it on!!

Simone Awramenko Simone Awramenko, Manager

I’m an Australian living in London and always very keen to get out of the city and discover the UK – even if I have to hike up a mountain (or 24!) to do it. I’ve always loved hiking, from the Blue Mountains in Australia, to Annapurna in Nepal, Torres del Paine in Patagonia to the Canadian Rockies. This seems a greater challenge though and since one of my younger colleagues implied that I am not as fit as my “sub-30’s days” I’ve started training hard, just to prove them wrong.