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Keep on running

Posted on 20 November 2012 by Lydia

Keep on running

I took up running after hurting my knee in a skiing accident a few years ago as it was one of the few sporting activities I could still partake in. At first I found it incredibly boring – running for hours on end, constantly feeling like you are getting nowhere – but I’ve always loved a good challenge especially if it involves being outdoors and exercise.

Having watched the London Marathon on a number of occasions, I’ve often wondered about the emotion you might feel after completing the distance – but never thought I would ever experience it. That was until I was offered a place to run with Oxfam in the 2013 marathon. I’ve run a few half marathons, but I’ve never found it easy. I must confess that whilst slowly plodding around the 13.1 mile course I’ve thought there was no way I could do a full marathon.

Lydia loves a challenge. Lydia mid-plod.

Well, now it’s too late for misgivings – I am signed up to run. The reality set in when I attended a ‘Marathon Preparation’ day at Oxfam House. It has very quickly become an incredibly daunting prospect – 26.2miles is a long way. That’s somewhere between 4-7 hours of solid running! And that’s just on the day. There’s plenty of preparation beforehand with hours upon hours of running every week just to get the ‘miles on the road’.

The one thing that’s motivating me is the reason I’m participating in the race in the first place – raising money for Oxfam. They do such incredible work across 94 countries: responding to emergencies, helping people rebuild their lives, working on long-term projects with communities determined to shape a better future for themselves – as well as campaigning for genuine, lasting change. Their programmes help give access to clean water, food, education – and they empower people to support themselves and their communities in the long-term.

I will keep blogging my progress on my training – warts (or more likely, blisters) and all! Please feel free to visit my Virgin Giving page to donate to this great cause – this will help to encourage me to get outside and run on these cold November days.