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Gold medal for supermum

Posted on 15 August 2012 by Simone

Gold medal for supermum

As an Australian and a former Sydneysider living in London, I’ve just celebrated my second hometown Olympics. I loved how the city came alive and found the competition so inspiring – it left me wondering what sport I could take up in my thirties that would win me a gold medal.

My parents are the same, and they’re currently visiting from Sydney to enjoy the Olympics, see London – and visit their daughters. If only my mum could’ve foreseen that I would have roped her into baking – numerous times – in the aim of raising money for charity rather than letting her see the sights!

Mum has shown her baking prowess through yummy treats that no Acre employee can refuse. With so many of the people in the Acre office being from somewhere other than London, homemade cookies and cakes ‘from mother’ are a rare treat indeed. So far her chocolate and orange cookies, vanilla and chocolate Olympic-themed cupcakes (with “GO AUSSIE” written across them), chocolate raisin slice, continental cake and healthy cookies have raised money towards Save the Children’s West Africa Appeal last year, my upcoming triathlon (also in support of Save the Children) and she’s now sprinkled her Olympic spirit over Cool Earth. So ‘super mummy’ Awramenko has bought in approximately £170 to different worthy causes over the past few months through my colleagues – with Acre Resources matching all donations made.

Acre's Olympic cakes

She is shortly heading back to Australia, but hopefully she will be back again soon, showing her baking expertise and helping environmental and social charities. Actually, I think I would just like my mum back a little more often!