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Acre’s Charity Gig

Posted on 09 October 2014 by Simone

Acre’s Charity Gig

I never thought I’d do anything like this; I found it challenging, a bit scary, and a real rush when everything went so well. We were doing it for a very good cause, and really proud to have raised so much for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

I’m not talking about the hike – that was tough. 24 peaks in 24 hours was always going to be tough but I was quietly confident. My challenge was in suggesting we organise a live gig night to raise money!

At some point after suggesting it, I became responsible for organising the evening! I had no idea what I was doing and no idea about music, but it all came together. We found an amazing venue – The George Tavern – an east London music institution that generously gave us the space for free. Venue confirmed, I just had to find some artists!

I started where I usually do, Acre’s network, and unearthed four unique acts to donate their talent and time for this good cause, and of course our entertainment.

First up, Nick Harvey-Jones, a singer-songwriter who hails from Australia and used to lead an indie band called The Forgotten Army. Over 7 years since the end of the band, he made his comeback with a solo set, armed with his guitar, stomp box, harmonica, and fantastic voice.

Next to the stage was ex Acre colleague, Nadia Youd’s band, Pocketwatch. A steampunk trio of cello, guitar and banjo who create melodic, twisted orchestral folk songs, their set was visually and musically amazing to watch.


To follow, an awesome band all the way from Coventry, Boundary. A four-piece pop/rock/punk band who take pop punk, add guitar solos and a British accent, and brought a whole lot of energy to the pub.
Finally, Chiu Dat and Jimmy Logic, a tight pair with cheeky hilarious banter. They performed together with a blend of rap, guitar and beat-boxing, and their mention of Acre’s challenge was met with huge cheers!

Chiu Dat & Jimmy Logic

Brilliant artists on stage, a pub packed full of people supporting, an amazing venue and £800 more for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thanks so much to everyone.

Good people doing crazy things for good causes.