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Acre Volunteering - WWT London Wetland Centre

Posted on 26 March 2014 by Christian

Acre Volunteering - WWT London Wetland Centre

Volunteering within the community is something that has always been of personal importance to me.

Excited to be part of Acre’s volunteering programme, I arrived with my colleagues Mary and Raquel to a warm greeting from the staff and managers at the WWT London Wetland Centre. We were introduced to Malcolm and Amanda, both regular volunteers, then grabbed a coffee before heading outside to start work. Throughout the day Malcolm and Amanda proved to be very knowledgeable on the history of the reserve and great company.

Being raised on a farm just outside of London, I thought I would be adept at the work of trimming bushes and pulling brambles. However, I hadn’t factored in the past 7 years of academia and cushy desk jobs. Despite being softened by city life and prone to sun burn even in March I enjoyed myself immensely. The WWT London Wetland Centre is a beautiful place to spend the day. Within the confines of the city, it provides a refuge from the stress and endless concrete that can be London city life.

Raquel and Mary hard at work

Over the course of the day it became clear how much volunteering means to the WWT London Wetland Centre. It also became clear that the team aren’t just asking for assistance, they’re asking for a chance to give back. The centre thrives when engaged with its community and is seen by many as a valuable and unique part of London. Providing a space for children and adults to escape from the city is what is at the heart of the reserve, and it’s one of many reasons I look forward to visiting again in the future.

The centre's resident otters awaiting lunch