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Acre and Kiva – Sara’s story

Posted on 25 January 2012 by Sara

Acre and Kiva – Sara’s story

I hadn’t heard of Kiva before coming to Acre, but I thought the idea of creating a loans system which helped individuals from around the world struggling to start businesses was a great idea.

The process was straightforward; I received my Kiva Card from Acre loaded with credit ready to spend, and from there I began searching through the list of potential entrepreneurs on the site. I was able to search easily by country or sector depending on my interest and read about the aims of each of the potential businesses.

I focused my loans towards developing countries with extreme environmental, social or political climates that made initial business start up difficult. Having some heritage in Ethiopia, I had a personal interest in the development of East African communities, as well as an interest in encouraging female entrepreneurs and businesses.

The great thing about Kiva is that the lenders can see where their money is going and receive constant updates on the progression of the loan directly from the borrower. All of the money paid goes straight to the borrower allowing Kiva to be used as a simple platform for communication between the two parties.

When the money I have invested sees a return, I plan to continue investing it in other Kiva loans and helping to develop the idea that loans like these will attack the root cause of poverty. Hopefully we can encourage self-sufficient sustainable communities that are less reliant on depleting international aid and burdened with an increasingly large national debt.